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Comis group

Comis Group is a diversified investment holding company with a focus on sectors in packaging, food and beverage, consumer products and media & entertainment. We focus on value added and synergistic opportunities, which involve improving the underlying business operations of companies in which we invest.We believe in partnering with management teams to formulate strategies that allow the business to reach its full potential. Our knowledge and competency allow us to create value taking a unique, long-term perspective.Our investment process continually identifies specific companies that we believe have the potential to increase their profits substantially but have underperformed for an extended period of time.

Our Focus


Durability and design are key to formulating the right solution for our customers.

Green Focused

Green and efficiency is our top concern when crafting successful client outcomes for packaging materials and the production process.

Media & Entertainment

Provide great customer experience through the distribution of creative content and live events.

Expanding Reach

Cross integration on our platforms will create a strong base for our media & entertainment assets.

Food & Beverage

Value added opportunities to improve and satisfy consumer tastes and preferences.


Consolidation and R&D creates a diversified product offering for customers

Consumer Products

Meet growing demand for products that possess brand value, minimize waste, and are sustainable.

Top Quality

Innovation and brand recognition is the number one focus for our consumer product businesses.

Comis Group offers a variety of value add solutions

our team